Custom Orders

Commissions / Custom Orders

Status: FULL - Use forms below for waitlist


How do I order?

Read below to see the various plush styles I am currently accepting commissions for. Don't see the style you want, or just looking for a recolor of something currently listed in the shop? Use the contact form for the request! Recolors don't count as commissions, and if you're willing to wait a little longer for making and shipping, I can usually accommodate your request!

How does the waitlist work?

Simply fill out the form above with what you'd like to have made. Once the price and details are agreed on, you'll be added to a waitlist where I'll e-mail you once I am ready to begin work. No deposits are charged until I am ready to begin working on your commission. 

How much will a custom plush cost / what styles do you make?

Simple Beanie
- Starting at $60
Click here to order!

These are beanie-style plush that have details on the face, back, and top of tail. The underside of the plush is a solid color.
Order form includes options for stuffing preference.
Size: Roughly 6-8" long, not including tail.

Complex Beanie
- Starting at $120
Click here to order!

These are beanie-style plush that have 3D heads and can have details on the back of the head, bottom of tail, and belly.
Order form includes options for stuffing preference, and faux fur accents.
Size: Roughly 6-8" long, not including tail.


Standing Anthro Plush
- Starting at $500
[Form not available yet - use contact form to request!]

These large plush feature jointed arms, mochi paw pads on all 4 paws, and lots of room to customize.
Order form includes options for additional features, such as faux fur accents and a squeaker in the paw.
Size: Roughly 14-16" tall, not including ears

How does payment work?

All commissions will be paid for through Shopify (preferred) or Square. All orders under $100 must be paid in full before work will begin. All orders above $100 will require a 25% non-refundable deposit before work will begin. Shopify allows the user to pay with financing, if desired. Square allows the client to pay in installments, if they'd like to make smaller payments during the commission process. No plush is shipped until it is 100% paid for.

Standard shipping is included in the price of both beanie plush, and priority mail with signature confirmation is included for any plush over $150. Should I ship during holiday peak times, I will require signature confirmation on every order regardless of price. This is to ensure safe delivery and peace of mind.

Except in certain extenuating circumstances, no refunds will be given. If you find yourself needing to cancel your order, let me know and I will work with you. In most cases, I cannot offer refunds on materials once they have been ordered. And in general, it is easier for me to refund fanart over an OC.

What if my plush gets damaged?

Should your plush arrive damaged, I offer free repairs. If the damage is determined to be at the fault of the shipping process, or my own error, I will send you a return label and ship it back to you at no cost. If your plush is damaged in the future for any reason, I always offer free basic repairs, even if it's years later, though you will be responsible for shipping (or you can bring it to me at a convention!). More complicated repairs may require a materials and labor charge.

By agreeing to order a plush with me, you are agreeing to these terms.